County Convention

Join us at our County Convention and vote for our selectors to represent us at the District Convention on April 6.  You just need to vote in the Presidential Primary and then fill out your credentials form!


Fill Out Your Credentials Form Here

County Convention FAQ

What is the county convention?

It is an event held in every presidential election year and is one of the steps toward electing delegates to the DNC National Convention.  At the county convention we elect our representatives to the District Convention. These representatives are called selections.

What happens at the convention?

Once the convention starts, the credentials and rules committees give a report. Then convention participants break into presidential candidate caucuses and elect selectors. For the 2024 convention, there will be only one caucus for Joe Biden, so the whole convention body will elect selectors. At our convention once we adjourn the convention, we will enjoy fellowship with fellow Democrats and outline all the activities planned for the year. 

Who can attend?

While anyone that is a Democrat can attend, only those that pull a Democratic ballot for Presidential Primary may vote for selectors. There is one expectation for those that will be 18 by the November primary.  In order to vote for selectors, you will complete a credentials form pledging to support Democratic Candidates. While you can do this at the door, if you would like to speed up the process, you can pre-register using the link at the top. 

So, selectors? Tell me about them.

Each county is given a certain number of selectors to represent the county at the District Convention (we will cover that next!). The number is based on the number of Democrats voting in primaries in comparison to other counties in the congressional district. For 2024, McMinn County has been allotted 12 selectors.  

To elect selectors, anyone may run to be a selector. If there are more than 12 people running, or if there is not gender parity, those with the most votes will be selected until slots are filled. In 2024, with a maximum of 6 women and 6 men. You do not have to have a gender to run for selector, if you are in the top 12 you will be elected, and you will also participate in any runoff election if needed. Note: if you are elected as a selector, you must be able to attend the district convection on April 6th. 

Now, the District Convention, what happens?

The District Convention is where the DNC delegates are elected. For McMinn, this is congressional district 3. This convention is very similar to the county convention, where all selectors caucus by candidate and elect delegates. Any one who is a Democrat can attend the District Convention, however selectors will sit in a special section in order to vote. 

How do I become a delegate?

You must fill out a Declaration of Candidacy form by March 7th and vote in the Presidential Primary. Please note that the cost of the trip to the convention is the responsibility of the delegate. 

If you have any other questions feel free to contact the McMinn County Democratic Party Chair at [email protected]. Read the whole delegate selection plan here.
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