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    Support MCDP

    There are several ways for you to show your support of the McMinn Democratic Party.  

    Donate: Send us a donation via Venmo username: @MCDP-McMinn or click here to make a recurring donation on Act Blue. We will take a check too!
    Just send to: P.O. Box  1366, Athens TN 37371

    Merchandise: Check out our merchandise and suggested donation below. Click here to order!

    MCDP T-Shirts

    Suggested Donation: $10

    Blue or white t-shirt with McMinn County Democratic Party logo


    Suggested Donation: 5 for $5

    MCDP Fans

    Suggested Donation: 5 for $5

    Joe Biden Yard Signs

    As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches show your support for Joe Biden. Each sign is $5 and you can order using the form above. You can also call 423-381-0308 and leave a message. 

    Joe Biden 2020 in white with blue background

Sara Denny

Sara Denny